For centuries the diamond has been the most desired of gems. No other gemstone has rivaled the fire, brilliance and toughness of an ideal cut, flawless, colorless diamond . . . until now.

Amora: the Ultimate Gem
the only gem to surpass the beauty of diamond by every measure

What is an Amora Gem?

Possessing fire, brilliance, and luster that far surpasses even that of a diamond, the Amora gem sparkles unlike any gemstone on earth. Composed of carbon and silicon (silicon carbide), the Amora gem is one of the hardest and toughest known elements on earth, making it extremely resistant to scratching, chipping and breaking.

Occurrence in Nature

Amora gem is a naturally occurring crystal around large stars where it occurs as stardust. The Amora gem crystal only grows in extremely high temperatures that would quickly vaporize diamond. Due to the incredibly high temperatures required for growth, it is only present on Earth in rare quantities near the Earth's heated core, and its lack of availability is perhaps one reason that diamond became the most prized gem on Earth.

Science Behind Amora Gem

The Amora gem represents the culmination of years of research and development in the growth of diamonds and gemstones by Better Than Diamond Inc. of Washington state. BTD's 1st achievement was the creation of Asha, the world's first diamond-infused simulant (U.S. Patent No: 8,056,363). From there it pursued the synthesis of true lab grown diamonds. Ultimately BTD's greatest achievement went beyond the mere growth of diamonds to the creation of the Amora Gem, a gemstone that does not just simulate but actually surpasses diamond by nearly every measure. B.T.D. currently has five pending U.S. patents for the creation of the Amora Gem.

Ideal Hearts & Arrows Cut

All Amora H&A's are cut exclusively by robot: an industry first. Robotic cutting enables super-human precision and incredible craftsmanship compared to hand cutting, as the robot only cuts to optimal proportions and exacting symmetry. This ensures that every Amora H&A has unparalleled beauty.

Amora H&A is now Patent Pending in the US, and multiple foreign patents are also in progress (US Patent application: 13224468, and International patent application: PCT/US12/28892)

Is the Amora Gem Just Another Diamond Simulant?

Unlike other gems that attempt to simulate the properties of a diamond but fall short, Amora doesn't simulate but instead surpasses nearly all of the physical and optical properties of a diamond having more fire, brilliance, luster, greater toughness and chemical stability. Continue reading below to see how it compares.

Amora vs Diamond

Amora GemDiamond
Brilliance (R.I.)2.712.42
Fire (dispersion)0.1040.044
ClarityVSI3 - Flawless
Quality of CutIdealVaries
Attraction to Dirt/OilVery LowModerate
Heat ResistanceVery HighHigh
Price$500 / ct$4000-10000/ct

Independent Gem Certification

Every Amora gem will come with an independent lab certification.
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